We all want to earn extra money especially if its simply using our own car, but not all know the proper Lyft driver requirements. Many websites provide their own random information about the process.

The requirements with becoming a Lyft driver can be confusing. Which is why I wanted to provide a simple article which will guide you through the process of Lyft driver requirements. At the end you’ll be able to sign up and drive within minutes.

Driver Age Requirements for Lyft

  • 21 Years of age is the legal provision
  • Minimum of 1 year GA. driver’s license
  • Vehicle Registration in your name or name on list
  • Vehicle Insurance in your name or name on list

Lyft Car Requirements

To drive for Lyft  you will have to have a specific vehicle that meets Lyft’s car requirements.

Vehicle requirements:

  • A 2005 or newer vehicle (Lyft’s car year needs vary by city)
  • A sedan with 4 doors. Has to seat up to 4 passengers, not including jump doors.
  • 5-8 seats including driver’s
  • Vehicle plates registered in-state.
  • Car must pass vehicle inspection.
  • The car’s registration will have to be current.

More Important Lyft Driver Requirements

  • Car insurance for your state must be current and in your name. If your name doesn’t appear on the insurance ID card, you can ask your insurance company for the “declarations page,” which will list all insured members on the policy.
  • Have an in-state registered car for driving. The vehicle doesn’t have to be in your name.
  • Your driver’s license must be in-state.
  • Background checks are mandatory, so you must have a Social Security Number.

Background Check Information

  • Have a clean driving record for greatest results.
  • You will need to pass the background check.

Background checks are done by a reputable 3rd party company. It be days or weeks depending on state volume.

Passing the background check: A look into your past 7 years, and what you cannot have on record.

  • Zero accidents with a fatality
  • Zero reckless driving
  • Zero criminal history reports
  • Zero DUI or drug related offenses
  • Zero no insurance charges
  • Zero driving with suspended license charges

How to become an Lyft driver

Read the easy  step-by-step guide to becoming an Lyft driver here.

Here is a quick summary of the necessary steps:

Step 1. Fill out the simple driver application here.

Step 2. Complete a car inspection to meet Lyft requirements.

Step 3. Take a picture of your personal insurance.

Step 4. A horizontal headshot of yourself, showing both shoulders and a beautiful smile.

Step 5. Take a picture of your driver’s license.

Step 6. Wait patiently for your background check to clear.

Step 7. Push the Go Online button in the app and start driving.

What to do if you don’t meet Lyft driver requirements!

So, what do you do if your application to drive for Lyft gets denied? Every driver is not accepted. Here are some reasons Lyft headquarters may not approve you.

You are under the required age of 21.

Lyft requires all their drivers to be 21 years old. 47 states recognize adults at the age of 18.

You are missing a Social Security Number, or not a legal U.S. working resident.

If you are an immigrant, I suggest consultation with an immigration lawyer. Your visa document may prohibit you from working in the U.S. This could violate the terms of your issued visa, and is not recommended.

The background check administered was NOT passed.

If Lyft declines your application due to a failed background check, request it yourself. It’s important to see what is hindering you from making money as an Lyft driver. If what’s listed is correct it will take about 7 years to drop off your record.

Your Lyft car doesn’t qualify.

If your vehicle doesn’t meet the guidelines for driving with Lyft, simply upgrade. You don’t have to buy a new car, used is just fine. Lyft even has a leasing program for drivers to get started. The payment for your used or leased vehicle will be offset by the money you earn with Lyft weekly.

You lack ALL the in-state documents required.

To drive for Lyft the following in-state documents are mandatory:

  • License
  • Car registration
  • Car insurance

If you need to secure auto insurance the following companies issue free quotes online.

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • 21st Century Insurance
  • Compare.com

Insufficient driving history

  • License was renewed or reissued in the last year
  • You have recently moved to a new state and updated your drivers license
  • Your state does not provide the original issue date of your license

Existing Drivers

If you are already an approved Lyft driver, see your state’s page here (outside of Georgia) for information about document and inspection requirements, local regulations, and moving between states and cities.

Hit the Road

Tips and Best Practices

Pickups in South Carolina

Get a Vehicle Inspection

If you operate in a market close to the border with South Carolina, and plan on picking up passengers there, you are required to obtain an additional vehicle inspection. South Carolina law requires anyone who picks up passengers in South Carolina to have their vehicle inspection completed by a licensed mechanic within 30 days of being approved as a driver. The mechanic must be licensed and located in South Carolina.

  1. Print this form.
  2. Bring the form to a local mechanic and have them inspect your vehicle.
  3. Upload the completed inspection form in Dashboard.

If you have already provided a valid South Carolina licensed mechanic vehicle inspection to Lyft, you do not need to have a new vehicle inspection until that inspection is a year old.

Insurance and Lienholder Disclosures

You can access Lyft’s Certificates of Insurance, including specific coverage limits, here. Depending on its terms, your personal automobile insurance policy may not provide any coverage while you are logged onto the Lyft network and are available to receive a ride request, or are engaged in a prearranged ride. Under South Carolina law, if your vehicle has a lien against it, you have a duty to notify the lienholder that you will be using the vehicle for transportation services that may violate the terms of the contract with the lienholder. You must provide the lender with this form. You are required by South Carolina law to maintain evidence that this notice has been sent to the lien holder, and wait seven days prior to commencing driving with Lyft.

Updating Your Driver Profile

Document Renewals

Drivers on the Lyft platform are required to maintain current documents (license, insurance). Always update your documents via the Dashboard when they expire.

Moving to or From Georgia as an Existing Lyft Driver

If you’re already a driver in a different state, and you’re moving to Georgia, send us a message with the following info:

  • The date you’re moving
  • Your new shipping address

Moving from Georgia to a different state? Find your new market here to see what steps you’ll need to take.


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