Why Are Promo Codes Important For Both Riders & Drivers?

For riders, this means you’ll have discounts on your very first ride. If you choose to be an Uber rider you’ll be given a discount of somewhere between $15-$20. If you choose to become a Lyft rider you’ll be credited $5 off your first ride.

This is wonderful news for riders but what about those who wish to become drivers?

Well there’s great news.

Using both of my Uber and Lyft promo codes you’ll be given a collective whopping $1,000 as your sign-up bonuses. Usually contract job promotions are not valued greatly but when it comes to Uber and Lyft there’s a huge difference.

So why not give a shot?

Rider: First Timer

If you haven’t downloaded or sign-up as either a Uber or Lyft rider please feel free to use the promo codes below.

Offer after a few month from activation day. Offer will not work after that date has passed. Promo codes cannot be extended or renewed.

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Offer valid until 15 days after you’ve activated your code. This code cannot be combined with other ride credit or offers. After 15 days, promo code cannot be renewed.

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Driver: Haven't Applied Yet?

If you’re interested in earning fast money by simply driving riders around then please use the referral codes below to double earnings!

Sign up today and qualify for a guaranteed $125 in total payout for your first 20 trips. Terms apply. Guarantee amounts vary and are determined by sign up city.

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Sign up today, and reap the benefits right away: Get an extra $1.54 for every ride you give in your first 60 days, up to a whopping $500. Please view Lyft’s terms.

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