1. A Portable Vaccum

This is by far one of the most useful tools inside my car today. This will become a daily ritual before setting out to seek riders and should not take no more than 2 minutes of your spare time. Removal of dirt, grass, small crumbs and especially dog hair are very important when seeking the perfect vaccum. Having a portable vaccum within your vehicle is truly a lifesaver for not only riders impression but also for your pockets. The Black and Decker Flex Hand Vac is one of the best investments a rideshare driver can make but if you cannot afford the Black and Decker Flex than the next best thing is the Reserwa Car Vacuum 12V 106W Wet&Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner Portable Car Handheld Vacuum.  These selected portable vaccums goes for those who drive for both Uber and Lyft.

2. Dash Camera

Once you’ve become for either Uber or Lyft (possibly both), you’ll need some sort of dash camera to record your rides in case of an accident, riders become an issue or even items being possibly stolen out of your vehicle. There are multiple options when it comes down to dash cameras but as a driver you’ll have to decide on what you feel is important to your for safety reasons whether it’s a small camera recording the front windshield only such as “The GoPro Hero Session” or a camera that records both outside windshield and inside interactions such as the “BlackVue DR650S-2CH-IR Dashcam.” Both cameras can produce videos in 1080 HD and can be taken out of the vehicle with no issue (when you need to quickly grab them off the mounts when calling it a night).

3. Lint Roller

Pet dog and cat hair can be a real problem to rideshare drivers that don’t have any type of lint roller.  Although it’s not thought of right off the bat when driving, this item will be of use for not just animals within your vehicle both for also passengers who is heading to work but have animal fur residue all over them. Lint roller will help you to remove hair from your seat within seconds. Also please keep in mind that lint rollers are not only good for pets but are wonderful for men and women who leave hair behind inside your car. You can find lint rollers in any store. I personally buy my lint rollers from the Dollar Tree and still works just as well as the $3 rollers at your nearest local Walmart store.

4. Cell Phone Mount Holder (For Car)

For the safety you and your passengers, it is wise to have some sort of cellphone mount inside of your vehicle for you to use. It will leave the passenger at unease seeing that you’re holding your mobile device while navigating through town. Taking your eyes off the road constantly places not only you but also your rider in a higher percentile of being in an accident. Buying a simple cellphone mount holder is a sure way to dodging negative ratings / comments from both your Uber and Lyft riders.  Purchasing either a Windshield Dashboard Mount or a Magnetic Mount will help keep you more focused on the road and will keep both you and your riders safe from danger.

5. Flashlight

Having a Flashlight in general inside your car is important for two main reasons.

  • #1 is to look around for lost items that passengers may have left behind after a ride.
  • #2 is for preparation of jumping off your vehicle or changing a tire in the dark.

The brightness of these kind of flashlights are optimal for seeing in the dark (LED). Using your mobile phone as your flashlight will not help especially if it’s one of those rainy days.

6. Rain-X Windshield / Glass Cleaner

One of the most frequent things you will do as an rideshare driver is cleaning your windows. If you have to do this, it just makes sense to use a window cleaner that will repel rain. The Rain-X windshield / glass cleaner is a lot better than the average Windex cleaning solution.

7. Air Freshner Spray or Natural Oils

Making sure that your vehicle smells delightful to riders when they first step into your car is very important. It is important to consider that there will be times that a passenger will leave a bad odor. Leaving the bad odor inside your car while picking up another rider is something that can lead to immediate dissatisfaction and a negative comment / rating reviews. Having something like a custom car scent spray, Febreze Air Freshener or some sort of Essential Oils inside your vehicle will indeed help eliminate bad odors Quick, Fast and In Hurry.

8. Car Charger with Outlet/USB Ports

I can personally say within my first week of driving that PowaPads are the best investments I ever made for my Hackman business. All of my passengers were truly impressed, had given tons of compliments and had given me nothing but positive feedbacks and ratings.  The functionality of  having a charging port station not only keeps your riders happy but it helps garner your 5 star ratings profile. People can choose to charge their cellphones, digital cameras, mobile tablets and laptops while riding with you. Having any type of charging port is a MUST for all rideshare drivers.

9. Your Own Personal Cell Phone Charger

It is important to have your own personal cellphone charger next to you while driving. Not having your own charger next to you while driving will be a big disaster. Nothing is worse than not being able to use either of rideshare application or while dropping off your rider, your cellphone dies. Your day is over, you’ve lost money, wasted gas and left a negative impression on your passenger. Don’t get caught out Ubering or Lyfting around without a charger for your phone.

10. Emesis / Vomit Bags

I thought that it would be a myth to actually run across a drunk rider during daylight hours but it truly does happen and not having a Emesis bag as percussion is putting you and your vehicle at risk. If you were to ever pick up an Uber or Lyft rider who is a bit intoxicated you could experience vomit. There is nothing worse than the smell of a human throwing up in your vehicle. Not only is it a horrible scent and can last for a while but it’s hard to clean out from your seat fabric, rugs and carpet floor. To caution yourself from this act I urge you to buy some Blue Emesis Bags and keep them in your car at all times where your riders can actually see it in plain site.

11. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Having a microfiber cleaning cloth will save you a considerable amount of time when it comes to cleaning off windows. Both Uber and Lyft riders will leave grease, finger and hand prints all over your glass. Having these cloths in hands will remove fingerprints quickly allowing you to get back on the road to get more money from fares. You can also find some fair price Microfiber Cloths at your nearest Dollar Tree store.

12. Pen and a Small Notebook / Binder

I personally use a basic pen, not pad and binder when it comes to gathering quick information or collecting all receipts and paperwork for later on tax season (I love to stay organize).  At times you will not be able to grab your cellphone to collect networking information from your passengers when it comes down to a business or personal relationship building. Having these common tools in your car will go a long way. You never know you’ll come across inside your vehicle.

13. 2x Spray Bottles 1.Filled with Soap and 2. Filled with Custom Car Scent

Having not one but two spray bottles inside of your vehicle (trunk) is a major key.

  • Spray Bottle 1: Mix with water and dish soap (of your brand selection).
    – this is mainly for food, vomit or dirt cleanups inside your car. If you have to cleanup behind any of your passengers make sure to document and and collect pictures to send to either Uber or Lyft.
  • Spray Bottle 2: Mix with boiling water (measure by the size of your bottle), baking soda and Downy shimmer beads (Downy Un Stopables In-Wash Scent Booster). After you’ve cleanup the mess that was made by your passenger, make sure to spray some sort of scent inside of your vehicle to get rid of the odor immediately. Having a car scent spray bottle on hand when needed is very important, this will help you get back on the road and not worry about the odor scent lasting for a long period of time.

14. Cleaning Hand Gloves

If you’re like myself and don’t want to touch other peoples messes because you don’t know who they are, where they from or what they may have, then purchase yourself some cleaning gloves. Purchasing some heavy duty cleaning gloves are very important especially if you don’t want vomit, animal feces or any other crazy messes touching your hands if you have to cleanup. Having a pair of Heavy reusable cleaning gloves is the easiest form of protecting yourself while cleaning up from an Uber or Lyft passenger.

15. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Having disinfecting wipes in general is just a must have. There will be times where you’ll passengers that are sick, coughing and touching all of your accessory items that are in the backseat of your car. I highly suggest that once you’ve dropped your rider off, to go to a nearby busy, well lit gas station and grab your disinfecting wipes and start wiping down your accessories, seat (if it’s leather), car handles and armrest. This will help not only you from getting sick but also the newly passengers that enter your ride. You can find disinfecting wipes inside of any local stores such as Walmart, Publix and Kroger however if you’re not able to afford a big container of wipes, than do what I’ve done – gone to the dollar tree, grabbed a pack of the disinfecting wipes that can fit inside of small compartment spaces and called it a day.

16. Tissue and Napkins

Having both tissue and napkins are helpful for not only you but also your passengers. There will be times where passengers will spill liquids or just in general make a mess inside of your car without you truly knowing it. It helps have tissue and napkins at your passengers disposal to quickly clean their own mess especially if they see that your vehicle is super clean. Plus too passengers will ask if you have any tissue if they feel a bit under the weather, they’ve accidentally cut themselves or etc. It’s just best to keep these items at the back of your seats just in case.

17. Cloth Towels

When cleaning up human vomit or animal feces you wanna use something that you don’t hold a lot of value to it (in other words cheap). These cheap, but very useful terry cloth towels will do the trick every time. They are reusable or you can just simple throw them away (determined by outcome mess).

18. Personal Rideshare Website

If you have not built a personal rideshare website whether it’s for Uber, Lyft or both you are losing a potential of $10K – $20,000 a year in income and tax deductions. Having a website allows you to expand your rideshare business from driving to blogging. This qualifies you for additional tax deductions. In addition to that the Uber and Lyft referral income is substantial. An Rideshare blog allows you to brand yourself and your business like never before. You can also build the website up to sell ads to other business owners in your area or even boost other businesses you may have. There is 6 ways to get paid as an rideshare driver and referrals is a big one.

19. Business Cards Holder

Having your own set of business cards inside of your vehicle is very vital in helping you earn more money. Promoting your referral codes, your website and etc. is very important and with that being said, you’ll need either one or two business cards holder inside of your car. Passengers will be curious on what both Uber and Lyft have to offer and sometimes would like to see if they could contact you on certain times through Lyft to be their schedule pickup driver. Allowing them to take your business cards, helps the riders remember who you are, give high ratings, remember your great professional services and willing to use your referral codes. It’s always nice to have your riders say that “You’re the best Uber / Lyft driver that I’ve ever ridden in”.

20. Laminated Backseat Signs

Having signs in general in your backseats are very important. As a driver you’re not able to remember each time a passenger sits inside your vehicle, what you can offer and what they cannot do inside your vehicle. It gives off a negative impression when your setting your demands on what the riders can do. Having beautiful graphic signs showcasing what you as a driver can offer to them, the do’s and the don’ts and safety precaution signs helps the passengers feel as though that you as the driver is prepared, professional and care about their experience. I personal prefer the signs to be laminated because there will be times where passengers will spill items all over your backseats and will hit your beautiful signs. Having laminated signs helps you to immediately wipe off the mess without the signs being ruined for the next rider to read plus it won’t hurt your pocket. If you would like to have your own custom laminated signs created please follow this link: Custom Signs

Honorable Mentions:

Car Accessories

Sometimes your riders will ask off the wall questions for items that you may not have even thought of would be needed inside of your vehicle but it is a choice to have some of these accessories. Every driver is different and have different choices in what they choose to have inside of their vehicles.

  • Auxiliary Input Cable Cords

    As a driver you will get the request many times from your passenger to listen to personal music on their phone. This can be done through Spotify or Pandora via Bluetooth or direct to the riders cell via an Auxiliary Cord. Customizing the riders experience through music is a HUGE plus for 5 star ratings and tips.

  •  Oversized Windproof Umbrella

    An easy way to make a customer happy is to provide them temporary shelter in the rain with your Oversized Windproof Umbrella. Escorting an Uber or Lyft rider to your car in the rain is a very easy way to get a 5 star rating. Uber car care is one of the essential things every driver must be aware of every day. After all, this is your business on wheels. Carrying these essential tools in your vehicle will allow you to protect it as well as maintain high ratings from passengers.

  • Trunk Organizer

    This is the best way to keep all of your cleaning supplies inside your trunk clean and organized especially when you have passengers you need to be dropped off or picked up at the airport.

  • Lint Roller

    Purchasing a lint roller will be helpful for not only you but also your riders who love their fury pets but don’t love the residue that’s left on them. This quickly helps remove any fuzz / fur that’s left behind inside your vehicle.

  • Magazines

    To entertain your passengers who aren’t really talkative, you could lend them a magazine to read. The best way to profit off of this grab a city magazine or create one that showcase what you can do within your city and also advertise your separate companies and etc.

  • Wifi Hotspot

    If you have a wifi hotspot on your mobile device that has unlimited data, I highly recommend you to promote this to your passengers. This by far will help you to continue to receive 5 stars.

  • Water & Snacks

    Although I don’t advertise this within my vehicle except for water,  it’s something that you can consider for your passengers. Just keep in mind of always having to cleanup behind each and everyone of your riders which will prevent you from continually grabbing a new passenger until your vehicle is cleaned again.

  • Portable Mini Car Garbage Can

    If you decide to offer any snacks, I highly recommend for you to grab two of the Portable Mini Car Garbage Can. This will help keep your car clean and allow passengers to throw away their garbage at a convenient location within your car.

  • Lotion & Hand Sanitizer

    Having both of these options on hand for passengers is a delight especially before they begin to snack on any food or left an environment that was quite messy and need to not only clean their hands but will need to moisturize them again with some sort of lotion.

Protection Accessories

As a woman it is very vital for me to feel safe while choosing to be both an Uber and Lyft driver. Having protection accessories in general is very important when your a ridesharer and have no clue who you’re picking up and where you are dropping them off at. Below are some of the recommend items to consider for your own safety whether you’re a male or female.

  • Stun Gun

    This really packs a punch! Just test firing this unit into the air is often enough to stop a threatening rider. As the bright electric current pulsates between the test prongs and creates an intimidating electrical sound, an rider with any sense at all will be stopped in his or her tracks.

  • Pepper Spray

    If you don’t feel to comfortable using a stun gun then the next best thing is using a pepper spray can. It’s just a reliable but make sure you don’t accidentally spray yourself while spraying a threatening rider / passengers.

Items Needed Lyft Uber

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