What is Uber Greenlight Hub?

All Locations

The Greenlight Hub is designed to better serve you as the driver for Uber. Whether you’re a new Uber driver or Old Uber driver, Greenlight Hub team will help you with headshots, customer service, navigational apps and etc.

The sole purpose of all the Uber Hubs are to help you become a professional rideshare driver (from newbie to expert). All Greenlight Hubs also serve study / learning session for their drivers and lounge area to network with other drivers.

It is highly recommended to go visit one of these locations just to have the experience.

Arriving at the Greenlight Hub

The Greenlight Hub is located at the back of the Century Center North Complex, next door to GC Insights. Please park at the very rear of the complex and come on in!

Only park in legal spaces and refrain from honking, playing loud music, littering and also, there is no smoking at the front of building entrances.

Main Headquarters
3111 Clairmont Road,
Suite B
Atlanta, GA 30345
Sun: Closed
Monday – Friday: 10am-4pm
Sat: Closed

Athens Courtyard Downtown
166 N Finley St
Athens, GA 30601
Wednesdays: 2pm-8pm

Lithonia SprintSpot
7301 Stonecrest Concourse #113
Lithonia, GA 30038
Mondays: 12pm-8pm

East Point SprintSpot
3645 Marketplace Blvd #120
East Point, GA 30344
Tuesdays: 12pm-8pm

Cumberland SprintSpot
2955 Cobb Pkwy SE #260
Atlanta, GA 30339
Thursdays: 12pm-8pm