A Second Way To Make Money With Uber

As a Uber Eats driver you’ll be able to deliver food, flowers, and more to make extra money and explore your city.

  1. Make Money On Your Time

    When you deliver with Uber, you’re the boss. Make money whenever it’s convenient for you. Plus, now you can start earning even more quickly with a sign-up and activation process that’s even faster than uberX.

  1. A New Way To Earn

    Now there are even more ways to make money when you partner with Uber. You’ll be delivering packages and food instead of people, and you’ll have the opportunity to get outside and stretch your legs.

  1. More Flexible Options

    No car? No problem. Depending on your city, you can can use a bike, a scooter, or a car to make deliveries and earn money. And for types of cars, the requirements are even more flexible than driving with uberX. Two doors and older cars welcome!

Flexible Opportunities

  • Be at least 19 years old
  • Have a driver’s license and be legally able to work
  • Have a car that is 1997 or newer
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be able to ride your bike or walk around your city
  • Be legally able to work
  • Be at least 19 years old
  • Have a license and insurance
  • Be legally able to work

"I'm A Register Uber Driver. Why can't I become a Uber Eats Driver as well?

I’ve gone through this situation myself before and had wonder why if my vehicle is newer than a 1997 car, that I was not able sign-up to be a Uber Eats driver. I truly believe that if you haven’t started driving as a regular Uber driver with at least 10 votes of your rating than you won’t be qualified to do Uber Eats. Once you’ve started picking up some Uber riders and begin receiving some ratings than you’ll be notified on your Uber Driver app that you can now request to be a Uber Eats driver.

Uber Eats will send you an email notification as well once you’ve selected the option to do Uber Eats as well.

They're Two Types of Uber Eats Services

  • Full Restaurant Delivery – This is on-demand delivery from restaurants. Customers can choose any menu item from a restaurant and drivers pick up food at the restaurant and bring the food to customers.
  • UberEATS Instant Delivery – EATS drivers pick up pre-prepared meals from distribution centers and store them in a warm bag. Drivers have to schedule shifts, and service hours are typically limited to lunch and dinner time hours. Customers order from a fixed menu.

Restaurant Delivery

  • You can contact Uber to give you a Courier-only profile so you can do an EATS-only shift
  • You’ll receive requests that tell you where to pick up the order, the order, and an order number
  • Navigate to the restaurant and give the restaurant your order number
  • You can cancel the order several reasons: Waiting too long, too far away, and other reasons
  • The app will tell you if the pickup is curbside, or if you have to go to their door
  • You are paid on mileage and time, Uber takes a 25% cut

Instant Delivery

  • UberEATS instant-delivery drivers pick up food from a distribution center, store it in their car, and deliver it
  • Schedule your UberEATS shifts about a week in advance using a web page Uber sends to you
  • Sign into the app with an UberEATS vehicle profile
  • Arrive at a distribution center and pick up food
  • Receive food requests through the Uber app, deliver items to customer location
  • Pays is ~$3/delivery, with a minimum of $10 – $20/hour
  • No in-app tipping – just like regular Uber. You can accept unsolicited tips
  • You can’t drive for UberEATS and UberX at the same time

Do you have to get out of your car?

Depending on your city and the order, you may not need to get out of your car to complete your delivery. When it’s time to navigate to your customer, their pin will have show one of two labels that will let you know how to complete the order.

  • Curbside: The customer comes to you, you don’t have to get out of your car When you arrive at the customer’s location, they’ll be notified with a text that you’ve arrived, and you can call and let them know the food is there. Hand their food through the window and hope they hand you a tip in return — but don’t ask for one! Uber tells you not to directly ask for tips.
  • Walk-in dropoff: You have to get out of your car and meet the customer at their address. If it’s not obvious where the customer will be based on the pin, send them a text while you’re on the way and ask if they have a preferred meeting spot.

Cancellation policy: Same as regular Uber. If you show up at the customer’s location and they don’t come out for five minutes, you can cancel the order and get a $5 cancellation

original source: RideSharingDriver

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